Winter 2018 registration ended Friday Feb 16th.

The 2018 VEE Registration and Exams weeks are as follows:

All course materials are on the discussion forum and available for you to use 24/7.
You do not need to be registered to use the material.
Please register during the session you will take the final exam.


Each session the exams are given as follows:
Monday           Microeconomics 
Tuesday          Regression analysis
Wednesday     Corporate Finance
Thursday         Macroeconomics
Friday              Time Series


Regression and Time Series have been now been approved until 6/30/18 NEAS will be offering RA & TS in the Winter 2018 Session only.

  ***** Please note that April 27, 2018    is the final date a candidate can submit their application to the SOA for VEE credit for Regression and Time Series and still receive their ASA under the current curriculum. If a candidate takes the course after this date they can still use it for VEE credit but we cannot guarantee they will make it onto the ASA list before the new curriculum roles out 7/1/2018. This information was given to us by the SOA.

*****Keep in mind that in addition to passing the Regression and Time Series exam you must submit 80% of the assigned homework.  You must also submit a project, one for Regression and one for Time Series.  Projects can take up to ten days to be reviewed.  We suggest you have your HW and Projects to us by April 13, 2018. Once you have completed all of these requirements and your project has been approved, we will issue you a transcript that we will also send  to the SOA.  You are then responsible for filling out the application for credit that is on the SOA website.  This application is what is due by April 28, 2018 in order to get ASA credit for Regression and Time Series. 

Corporate Finance is approved until 12/31/2020

Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are approved until 12/31/2020

Please follow these links for more information on VEE approval and deadlines.                                                                


Winter 2018

Registration begins 1/8/18 and ends 2/16/18

All proctor information and tuition are due 2/16/18

Session runs  1/8 – 3/2

Exams the week of 3/5

Spring 2018 No Regression and Time Series courses offered

Registration begins for Microeconomic, Macroeconomics and Corporate Finance 3/19/18 and ends 4/27/18

All proctor information and tuition are due 4/27/18

Session 3/19 – 5/11

Exams the week of 5/14

Summer 2018

Registration begins 7/9 and ends 8/17

All  proctor infromationa and tuition are due 8/17

Session runs 7/9-8/31

Exams the week of Tuesday 9/4- Mon 9/10 to allow for Labor Day holiday in US

Fall 2018

Registration begins 10/8 and ends 11/16

All proctor information and tuition are due 11/16

Session 10/8 – 11/30

Exams the week of 12/3