The NEAS VThe old manual sheet, newer calculator and newset computer mousealidation by Educational Experience (VEE) On-Line Courses

NEAS offers on-line courses for VEE credit: microeconomics, macroeconomics, corporate finance, regression analysis, and time series. All five courses are approved for VEE credit by the SOA and CAS.

The on-line courses can be combined with college courses to meet VEE requirements. You may have a college course in microeconomics but not macroeconomics, or you may have credit for regression analysis but not time series. Combine your college course with an on-line course for VEE credit.

Each course has 24 modules and a two hour multiple choice final exam.  The courses are given four times a year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. You may choose college paced or accelerated schedules. A college paced schedule has four months’ the accelerated schedule uses an eight week format.

The NEAS on-line courses are rigorously graded; VEE credit is contingent on completing 80% of the homework assignments and a grade of B- or better on the final exam. Statistics courses also require completion of a student project. The NEAS courses are intended for candidates who:

  • Have no local college offering courses on economics, corporate finance (with option pricing), regression, and time series to out-side students; or
  • Work during the day and cannot attend a college course; or
  • Want clear syllabi, so they can complete the course as efficiently as possible; or
  • Study both at home and at the office, and want material available on-line; or
  • Live outside of North America and do not have other VEE opportunities.


VEE has three subjects: economics, corporate finance, and statistics.

  • Economics covers micro- and macro-economics. We give separate micro- and macro-economics courses so you may join a college micro course with the on-line macro course (or vice versa).
  • Statistics covers regression analysis and time series. We give separate courses so you may join a college regression course with the on-line time series course (or vice versa).

To receive VEE Credit, complete and submit the form on the SOA web site. The NEAS courses are pre-approved for VEE credit, but you still must submit the SOA form. The on-line courses are calibrated to fulfill the VEE requirements.

Mastery of the material is geared to the level required for VEE. Candidates who have not taken the VEE subjects in college may find the on- line courses an efficient way to obtain VEE credit.The on-line courses can be combined with college courses for VEE credit, such as a college regression course and the on-line time series course. Approval codes are on

The on-line courses are ideal for working actuaries. Actuaries constantly weigh alternatives: how much time to spend on exam study vs VEE courses? The on-line courses help you master the course material as efficiently as possible.  We specify the textbook pages for each module, we summarize what each section covers, and we provide illustrative questions and practice problems for each topic, so that you can study productively.

Our discussion boards provide immediate access to the NEAS faculty and other students enrolled in the courses, allowing you to quickly clarify items you don’t understand. If other students are taking the same on-line course at your employer, you can work on the homework together, though you must submit your own paper. Employers with five or more students receive tuition discounts, reflecting the reduction in our costs.