Information on Proctors

Each student is required to provide us with the name of a proctor who will monitor you while you are taking the exam.  Proctors will not be notified of their responsibilities until the end of the registration period of the session they are proctoring. The exam will be emailed to the proctor a few days prior to the exam day.. They will print it out and administer the exam to you on the specified date and time.  The proctor will then scan or email the answer sheet only back to  NEAS.

The final exam for VEE credit should be proctored by an actuary or other professional in the following order:


SOA or CAS Fellow/Associate or an accredited foreign actuary

A manager of a society using professional exams (e.g. CFA, CAM, CPA, CPCU, CLU)

A corporate officer or manager, or a teacher or university instructor


If you cannot find a proctor, but you live in (or can travel to) a US or Canadian city in which other students are taking the exam, NEAS can try to find a proctor already signed up who is willing to have you join his student(s).  NEAS sends the final exam and blank answer keys shortly before the exam date.

The day of the exam the proctor will administer a 2 hour 40 question closed book final exam  beginning at 8:00AM Pacific time, 9:00AM  Mid-western time, 10:00AM Central time and 11:00AM Eastern time.  Outside of the United States the student will begin their exam at the start of the business day wherever they are located.  No help or advice will be given.   Micro is always given on a Monday, Regression Analysis on a Tuesday, Corporate Finance on a Wednesday, Macro on a Thursday, and Time Series on a Friday.  Dates and times designated for an exam cannot be changed.


After the exam the proctor will email the answer key to NEAS, keeping a copy for his (her) records.