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We maintain discussion forums for each of 24 modules in the five online courses, with about five to fifteen threads in each forum. Student questions about the course material, the homework assignments, the applications to actuarial work, and the final exam problems are answered by the course instructors.

To stimulate student participation in the discussion forum, we often suggest topics for discussion forum threads. We are sometimes surprised by the high quality of student responses. We allow all students full access to the discussion boards, but we maintain strict control over the postings, editing out material not relevant to the course content.

At the end of each semester, we rewrite the discussion forum questions and answers into dialogues between a virtual student and a course instructor.

  • The student’s questions summarize the items that students asked over the past semesters.
  • The instructor’s answers explain the concepts that candidates must know for the course.

Many threads on our discussion forums now have these dialogues, particularly for:

  • Difficult homework assignments (especially applications to insurance).
  • Complex concepts (such as capital structure in the corporate finance course).