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At NEAS, we are always willing and able to answer your questions.

Question: If we have problems with the material or the homework, how do we get help?

Answer: The NEAS faculty answer students’ questions about the material and homework. Post your questions in the appropriate module of the discussion forum.

Question: Should we use existing threads or new threads?

Answer: It is best to use an existing thread. The NEAS threads cover most of the material in each module; post your question in one of these threads.

Question: Are there restrictions on the subject matter on the discussion forum?

Answer: Only course material or exam material should be posted on the discussion forums, whether online courses, SOA exams, or CAS exams.

Question: Can I post a query about an SOA or CAS exam, even if it is not related to the online courses or study manuals?

Answer: Yes, all course and exam issues can be discussed in this forum.