We allow in-person or remote proctoring with the proctor that you designate.

Registration for our Fall 2022 session is now open.


Fall 2022 Session: Registration and Session opens August 29; Registration closes October 14; Session ends October 21; Exams held the week of October 24; All course materials are on the discussion forum and available for you to use 24/7

Winter 2023 Session: Registration and Session opens November 28, 2022; Registration closes January 6, 2023; Exams held the week of January 23, 2023


You do not need to be registered to use the material. Please register during the session you will take the final exam. E000150 Exams days are as shown below.  We will offer an alternative date if a holiday in your country falls on the day of your exam.   All courses are approved through the end of 2024. Follow these links for information on VEE approval and deadlines. VEE Approval:  https://store.soa.org/VEESchoolSearch/VEECourseListing.aspx?sc=9905&sd=New%20England%20Actuarial%20Seminars%20(NEAS)&VEE=displayonly