SPRING 2019 registration begins March 18 for Micro, Macro, Corp Finance, Mathematical Statistics, Financial Accounting. 

The Spring session will run from March 18 to May 10

Exams will be given the week of May 13

SUMMER Session runs from July 8 to September 6th

Exams will be the week of September 9

FALL session will run from October 7 to November 29

exams will be the week of December 2

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The VEE courses are  8 weeks long consisting of 24 modules, with readings from the textbook, explanations, illustrations, sample test questions, practice problems, and homework assignments.  The time needed to do the reading and complete the homework is 1 1/2 to 2 hours per module.  The course takes 40 to 50 hours, including study time for the final exam.  If you are familiar with the material, you may be able to complete the course more quickly.

Tuition for the on-line courses is $295 for the first course, $245 for the second course, and $195 for the third through fifth courses. See tuition link below for discount information. There is a $25 per course cancellation fee.

Exams are given as follows:

Monday / Micro 
Tuesday / Mathematical statistics
Wednesday / Corp Finance
Thursday / Macro
Friday / Financial accounting

How to submit homework

VEE homework should be e-mailed to vee-hw-neas@verizon.net
Please note: this e-mail address is for homework ONLY

If you are going to use e-mail to submit your work, please put your name, course, session and contact information in the body of the e-mail so that we can match your e-mail to the correct candidate, and give you full credit for your work.

Do the homework assignments as you work through the modules, but e-mail the entire set to NEAS at the end of the course so that it is clear you have completed the work. (Note: you must complete 80% of the homework assignments.)

The homework assignments ensure that you read the textbook. Some apply the course concepts to insurance. Some homework assignments don’t have a single “correct” answer; they check that you understand the ideas in the textbook, not that you come to the same conclusion as the course instructor.

In the past, some candidates sent their homework assignments by regular mail, Fed Ex, or UPS, to the NEAS office. If you use this method, send your homework to this address:

84 Brook Rd
Sharon MA 02067    

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